Training / E-Learning

Training / E-Learning

For companies supporting an international workforce, multilingual e-learning programs have become an absolute necessity for ongoing success. However, e-learning translation projects require a language translations partner with a combination of specialized skills and resources that go beyond traditional language translations.

LingArch can help you maintain a consistent, dynamic training program by transforming your existing content into a high-impact, cost-effective, multilingual training solution.

Global stakeholders in your organization, from customers to employees, expect to be trained and to learn in their local language. Getting the maximum return on your training investment involves presenting materials in the most clear and most understandable manner possible.

Whether you’re interested in educating an internationally distributed workforce, enhancing salesforce effectiveness, driving customer satisfaction, or delivering on-demand research and collaboration, let our translation company’s team help you take your global learning and training programs to the next level.

A core team approach to e-learning translation projects

For every e-learning translation project, LingArch employs a core team approach to fully scope the project and develop a cost-effective plan that will meet your specific needs. LingArch’s core team is comprised of in-house experts from each area within a proposed project.

A typical core team is made up of language leads, engineers, desktop publishing specialists and quality control experts, as well as project management and subject matter experts.

We also offer comprehensive in-house testing services to verify that your e-learning materials meet the language and locale-specific requirements of your target markets.

For every project, we employ a detailed scoping process, designed to provide you with accurate cost and time estimates upfront, before work begins.

We combine our e-learning translation services with a tested process to ensure that your project – no matter the size, deadline or subject matter – is completed accurately and on time.