Cultural Consulting

Cultural Consulting

Every market interprets pitches, brands, and designs differently. Our team has the cultural expertise, creativity, and language proficiency to help you tailor your style and imagery.

It is estimated that more than half of all international business expansions fail within two or three years because of lack of cultural competency. While expanding your business to new markets, you might need to adapt the strategy of your communication.  At LingArch, we understand the key factor of being aware and sensitive to cultural differences while dealing with translations. To be successful in your marketing efforts while trying to sell your products or services in a new market, you need to keep in mind that what works in one culture may not work -or even be inappropriate- in another culture. Our cultural consulting team will review all elements of your campaign. It is essential to use reliable local resources who currently reside in the target culture to ensure an awareness of the nuances and preferences of their native country.

Other services in support of marketing and advertising include:

Foreign Market Research

When required, LingArch undertakes research to find out what sells and how to sell it anywhere in the world.  This includes desk and field research, interviews and questionnaires.

Product and Brand Name Analysis

Avoid linguistic and cultural bloopers by contracting LingArch to research possible unintended consequences of a product or brand name.

Focus Group Analysis

LingArch polls groups of trained linguists and cultural consultants who know the ins and outs of regional variations in any language, as well as cultural customs and taboos.

Back Translation

To be sure nothing has been lost in translation, LingArch will translate your target language back into the source language.  This can be a critical endgame step in the adaptation and localization of promotional and advertising copy.