Giving our clients the edge in an ever-expanding global marketplace

Every country has a unique marketplace and a unique way of speaking. At LingArch, we understand the precision, adherence to deadlines and risk management requirements of document translation. We also have the robust resources and global support network necessary to ensure that your document translations are delivered on time and within budget. As an innovative language services provider with local linguist teams around the world, LingArch is on the forefront of localization trends and cultural accuracy.

LingArch provides comprehensive document translation services for leading companies all over the world. We routinely translate:

•    Business materials

•    Marketing materials

•    Product manuals

•    Graphics and CAD

•    Corporate communications

•    Legal documents

•    eLearning materials

•    Troubleshooting guides

If your customers can’t read it, they won’t buy it. From websites to packaging to documentation, turning your words into a language your customers understand is critical to the success of your product or service.

Working with LingArch is a smart solution. As a professional translation service company, our efficiencies of scale will keep costs in check. We have the global presence, technology, and language and cultural expertise to help you reach, engage, and support customers around the world.

Key facts about our translators

The quality of the work we do for you is our principal concern. To ensure we hire only people of the right quality to deliver our professional translations, we look for candidates who can satisfy our stringent requirements.
To work for us, a translator must

  • Have over 5+ years of experience in the field of localization
  • Show at least two references for previous projects
  • Translate only into their native language
  • Be appropriately qualified in their technical areas
  • Have working industry experience for the type of material they translate

Quality and speed go hand in hand with our network of global office locations. If you’ve already had documents translated and you’re looking to get these independently checked, this is a service we are happy to offer and will ensure the proofreading linguist is fully briefed on the expectations. We can also review the text according to your business’ own styles guides, glossaries and guidelines to ensure that your translated documents fit in with your company culture and tone of voice.



LingArch offers high quality, fast turnaround transcription services to clients globally. Our 100% native English speaking staff transcribe digital audio, video, webcasts, and tape cassettes for corporate transcription, legal transcription, focus groups and other areas. We also provide on-site meeting recording, digitizing, writing/editing and word processing services. We have built our business on quality, accuracy and secure transcription. Every transcript is right first time and that is one of the many reasons our clients come back to us for future projects, whilst many others rely on us when they need a fast, high-quality transcription services.


Quality in transcription:

We take great pride in our work and genuinely believe that quality is a passion shared by everyone within the company. To this end we continually push our 99.8% accuracy rating to ensure that we are the very best transcription service available.


Security in transcription:

Safeguarding the integrity of their data is at the top of the list of our clients’ priorities. We have created an application where clients’ data (including recordings and transcripts) is held in one of the most secure data centers in the country, augmented by numerous security features.


Reliability in transcription:

Proactive and friendly communication, clarity and a willingness to go the extra mile when it’s needed are all part of the service. We work with our clients and listen to their feedback to make sure that we meet their requirements every step of the way.



Interpretation is a complex task. It requires that the interpreter select the right word for a spoken translation instantly and without fail. There is no opportunity to edit; no margin for error. To be effective, the interpreter must:

  • Have extensive experience with interpreting
  • Have in-depth knowledge of the subject area
  • Integrate cultural preferences into their choice of words and phrases with only split second to think about them

LingArch has extensive interpretation experience across all industries, including healthcare, insurance, financial services, technology, manufacturing, and government. Our diverse language mix and large network of interpreters ensure that quality interpretation service can be provided worldwide. LingArch selects from among the most highly qualified interpreters to meet our clients’ needs in any location worldwide. We can also provide on-site coordination and interpreting equipment. Whether you request interpretation services weeks in advance or on short notice, our client service professionals are ready to assign the best interpreters to meet your needs.

From our experience, we understand the need to provide organizations with a 24-hour service which is robust, accessible and adaptable.

Integrity – We believe in consistently delivering services according to the specification agreed with the client, and acting in an accountable and transparent manner at all times.

Quality – We are fully BS EN ISO9001:2008 certified and the processes associated with this cover all aspects of our service delivery; from the recruitment and performance monitoring of our linguists, to the processes that drive invoicing and customer feedback systems.

Value – We deliver true value to our clients through a combination of competitive pricing, high quality services and exceptional levels of customer service.  Innovative cost saving programs, cutting edge technology, and the most experienced personnel in the industry come together to offer clients a telephone interpreting service that can deliver significant cost savings without compromising on quality.


Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is often bi-directional and, unlike simultaneous interpretation, relies on the interpreter waiting for the speaker to finish a sentence or statement before beginning his/her spoken translation.

Consecutive interpretation is most commonly used in one-on-one situations such as depositions and trials, or small group meetings. Specialized interpretation equipment is typically not required.

Our consecutive interpreters have exceptional linguistic and interpersonal skills, allowing them to carry out their interpretation without interrupting the proceedings. Consecutive interpreters are therefore also commonly employed for outings, travel, site visits and social engagements.


Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation services are ideal for large conferences and meetings. Simultaneous interpreters are skilled in speaking and listening at the same time, and deliver the translated speech a few seconds behind the original speaker.

Specialized equipment is usually required to transmit simultaneously interpreted speech to a large number of participants. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes wired, wireless, and infrared systems, as well as two- and three-person booths. Our dedicated project managers will provide custom simultaneous interpretation solutions to meet clients’ specific needs.

Simultaneous interpreting is incredibly vigorous and taxing work. Accordingly, it is an industry standard that two or more simultaneous interpreters switch off for each language pair involved.


Over-The-Phone Interpretation

Over-The-Phone interpretation is an efficient and affordable method of communicating with limited English speakers. It allows people to communicate across different languages in a matter of seconds through the simple use of a telephone.

Clients often ask us why and when they should use a telephone interpreter instead of a face-to-face interpreter. Here are some simple situations in which you might choose to use a telephone interpreter rather than call a face-to-face interpreter to your premises:

  • In an emergency, where you require interpretation support immediately
  • When access to an interpreter is required unexpectedly
  • When anonymity is preferred
  • If the conversation is going to brief (under 30 minutes)
  • If there are geographical limitations and it is not possible for an interpreter to attend your meeting

Multimedia Services

Multimedia Services

LingArch – Right platform for a Digital World

Today’s expectations for global learning are high. With the emergence of mobile technology, breakthroughs in social networking and easy-to-use content creation tools, learning is no longer a chore or confined to a local classroom.

Keeping this in mind, LingArch offers a full range of multimedia solutions that combine our worldwide language resources with our technology solutions and project management expertise.

Within our Multimedia service offerings, our capabilities are robust and include:

  • Transcreation
  • Multilingual voice talent
  • Voiceover and Dubbing
  • Subtitling
  • Editing + Mixing

Digital Localization

Digital Localization

Digital technology connects businesses and consumers around the world. For this reason, the demand for local-language versions of applications and software is on the rise.   When it comes to digital localization, businesses require more than simple user-interface translations. They require partners that create effective results, meet deadlines and reduce time-consuming errors. LingArch has the right tools to make businesses truly global and help them achieve desired goals. Our services include:

  • Software localization
  • App localization
  • Web localization

At LingArch, we’ve been localizing a wide range of software suites into numerous languages and cultures for many years and our expertise in the area of multilingual software localization is the reason why major international companies turn to us for their foreign language projects. They know that first impressions and sustainable quality are crucial for success and they rely on us to meet their objectives. We process localization projects both from the developer’s and the user’s perspective, which allows us to translate, localize, test and even adapt software in such a way that the final result contains no embarrassments.

Website Localization

Website Localization

The Internet connects computers, but language connects people. And if your website doesn’t support your customer’s language, it may as well not exist for that customer. A localized website creates a full first impression of a business and draws new customers.

  • Web users are four times more likely to purchase from a site that communicates in the customer’s language (source: International Data Corporation)
  • 37% of internet consumers spend more time on sites available in their own language (source: Common Sense Advisory)
  • Visitors stay for twice as long if a website is in their own language (source: Forrester Research)

In order to guarantee that LingArch consistently delivers the level of language that our clients need, on the front end of an engagement we focus on the creation of glossaries, style guides, brand guides and samples (from our proposed linguistic teams) that, once signed-off by our client’s in-country reviewers, act as a road map for all website translation work going forward. Furthermore, we have a detailed web content adaptation methodology that involves three separate, native speaking, and vertically focused linguists.

LingArch offers tightly-integrated translation services that make it easy to optimize your website content in any language around the world. Content delivered in a customer’s preferred language is naturally more relevant, leading to higher conversions. With built-in localization capabilities, you can start creating consistent and compelling customer experiences globally without the usual translation complexities.

Global Marketing

Global Marketing

Giving your brand that Extra flavor

As global consumers become increasingly demanding, your marketing messages must be stronger than ever. To meet these demands, you need to overcome language and cultural barriers with content that’s timely, relevant, and effective.
You may rely on a series of agencies to help you close this gap. You may struggle to manage a growing array of systems and technologies. You may even be ceding control to local stakeholders who promise to ensure your messages are on target.

Reduce global marketing complexities and deliver optimal results with LingArch’s combination of language, marketing, and creative production services.

With LingArch as your global marketing services partner, you’ll get a global operating model, flexible approach to technology, and deep language and cultural expertise so you can:

  • Adapt marketing campaigns with agility
  • Balance competing global and local demands
  • Simplify global messaging
  • Execute a seamless marketing localization strategy

Multicultural Brand Research:

Our multicultural brand research process has been refined to analyze potential associations of names, words, color schemes, and graphic elements in any culture worldwide, helping you to avoid cultural pitfalls and maximize the impact of your marketing initiatives.  Our team will provide you with concrete, detailed feedback on your branding efforts, including elements such as:

  • Logos
  • Branding Collateral
  • Packaging
  • Web Content
  • Annual Reports

Cultural Consulting

Cultural Consulting

Every market interprets pitches, brands, and designs differently. Our team has the cultural expertise, creativity, and language proficiency to help you tailor your style and imagery.

It is estimated that more than half of all international business expansions fail within two or three years because of lack of cultural competency. While expanding your business to new markets, you might need to adapt the strategy of your communication.  At LingArch, we understand the key factor of being aware and sensitive to cultural differences while dealing with translations. To be successful in your marketing efforts while trying to sell your products or services in a new market, you need to keep in mind that what works in one culture may not work -or even be inappropriate- in another culture. Our cultural consulting team will review all elements of your campaign. It is essential to use reliable local resources who currently reside in the target culture to ensure an awareness of the nuances and preferences of their native country.

Other services in support of marketing and advertising include:

Foreign Market Research

When required, LingArch undertakes research to find out what sells and how to sell it anywhere in the world.  This includes desk and field research, interviews and questionnaires.

Product and Brand Name Analysis

Avoid linguistic and cultural bloopers by contracting LingArch to research possible unintended consequences of a product or brand name.

Focus Group Analysis

LingArch polls groups of trained linguists and cultural consultants who know the ins and outs of regional variations in any language, as well as cultural customs and taboos.

Back Translation

To be sure nothing has been lost in translation, LingArch will translate your target language back into the source language.  This can be a critical endgame step in the adaptation and localization of promotional and advertising copy.



LingArch provides full-service staffing solutions including: contract onsite, testing offsite or onsite, contract offsite and direct-hire recruitment.  Our decade of recruiting experience, finding the best and brightest are now available to you to leverage in finding global resources.  Our full-service localization recruiting helps you get contractors and full-time employees for in-country and in-house team members. LingArch has unparalleled access to a qualified pool of candidates to supplement your internal human resources and recruiting efforts and ensure that you are never understaffed or overwhelmed.

  • full-service localization recruitment on a global scale
  • flexible model to meet your precise needs: contract onsite + offsite, in-country, direct hire
  • retained + executive search recruiting for multinational company’s language service needs
  • quality + services to guarantee our mutual success in finding the best and brightest

Staffing solutions are flexible, scalable, available on-demand, and save you money.  Our onsite localization industry professionals provide the expertise you need for testers, linguists, native or near native speakers.

As your market reach and programs expand, we are here to help you acquire the right skills, right experience and right now! Our dedicated staffing team networks with thousands of partners worldwide to offer a deep bench of skills in project management, testing and technology.  Whether you have a short-term need for UI or software testing or need to facilitate new product roll-outs in target markets, we have a simple model that helps you fill key personnel requirements needed to augment your current globalization services team.

Training / E-Learning

Training / E-Learning

For companies supporting an international workforce, multilingual e-learning programs have become an absolute necessity for ongoing success. However, e-learning translation projects require a language translations partner with a combination of specialized skills and resources that go beyond traditional language translations.

LingArch can help you maintain a consistent, dynamic training program by transforming your existing content into a high-impact, cost-effective, multilingual training solution.

Global stakeholders in your organization, from customers to employees, expect to be trained and to learn in their local language. Getting the maximum return on your training investment involves presenting materials in the most clear and most understandable manner possible.

Whether you’re interested in educating an internationally distributed workforce, enhancing salesforce effectiveness, driving customer satisfaction, or delivering on-demand research and collaboration, let our translation company’s team help you take your global learning and training programs to the next level.

A core team approach to e-learning translation projects

For every e-learning translation project, LingArch employs a core team approach to fully scope the project and develop a cost-effective plan that will meet your specific needs. LingArch’s core team is comprised of in-house experts from each area within a proposed project.

A typical core team is made up of language leads, engineers, desktop publishing specialists and quality control experts, as well as project management and subject matter experts.

We also offer comprehensive in-house testing services to verify that your e-learning materials meet the language and locale-specific requirements of your target markets.

For every project, we employ a detailed scoping process, designed to provide you with accurate cost and time estimates upfront, before work begins.

We combine our e-learning translation services with a tested process to ensure that your project – no matter the size, deadline or subject matter – is completed accurately and on time.



Let’s Initiate

Let’s Initiate