Taking your message to an international audience used to require you to choose between globally consistent or locally optimized campaigns.

We’ll help produce, deliver and optimize your digital campaigns and content across channels and over borders. And we’ll do it with better efficiency, greater effectiveness and lower cost.

With our global marketing campaign management solution, we’ll translate and localize your content, setting up strong global campaigns and connecting you to your top markets.

Our Global Campaign Operations solution will keep your campaign vision in sight while in-market experts appropriately adapt multi-channel content for each culture you’re targeting.

  • Transcreation:Local translators maintain consistent messaging and ensure cultural relevance, tone and style within each market
  • Deadline-oriented:Campaign is Six Sigma-managed to meet strict deadlines while building ROI
  • Analytics:We’ll finish with a thorough review and analysis, allowing you to view your entire global campaign metrics.

Trans-creation or Copy Adaptation is the process of adapting material for a given target audience instead of merely translating in a literal manner. When rolling out into global markets, you need to ensure that your brand message is consistent across every country. Beyond simple translation, transcreators adapt the message for the target audience, working with you to find the right nuance, words, and brand voice. Our transcreation team consists of creative copywriters and experienced marketers, who will work closely with you to understand the mood, message and audience.

LingArch provides full range of multimedia solutions with extensive pool of professional voice talent in over 100+ languages. Whether you are in Dubai or Dublin, we are available to record in locations around the world. Our foreign language voiceover services include high quality sound production for live broadcast, pre-recorded radio, film, documentaries, presentations and training materials. We tailor our flexible solution to your specific content, quality and budget requirements. We provide assistance with script translation to ensure that the voiceover aligns with any video frames and timed broadcast. We can also provide your project with multilingual subtitling, matching the audio and video perfectly.

LingArch’s global media services help you extend your multimedia and videos across languages and cultures to maximize your budget. We can help you reach more people and win new customers – wherever they are in the world.  Our subtitling experts have vast experience in ensuring that your message is communicated with clarity. Whether you desire English subtitles for Danish police dramas, Arabic subtitles for the latest Hollywood movies, or Japanese subtitles for your corporation’s quarterly results video, LingArch is the multi-lingual subtitling company for you. No language is too big a challenge for our subtitling teams – we excel in a wide range of alphabets and styles.