Giving our clients the edge in an ever-expanding global marketplace

LingArch has the global experience and expertise and industry knowledge needed to make sure your message reaches the right audience. We have a proven track record in various industries that we serve and provide state-of-the-art language solutions to ensure you fulfil your ambitions. We enable international organizations to increase market share, speed adoption of products and services, and engage with customers in locally relevant ways, transforming how our customers communicate globally.

Document Translation Services:

LingArch has provided reliable, responsive legal translation services to the legal community for more than 10 years. We have established a reputation for providing high-quality, cost-effective legal translation services in a rapid turnaround environment.

Our clients rely on us to translate legal contracts, patents, documents pertaining to patent infringement cases, financial documents, Court transcripts, acts of law, witness statements, transcriptions, expert opinions, codes of conduct, anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies, judicial transcripts and statutes, depositions, litigation materials and other official documents. We provide a range of translation options, including: Certified, Sworn, Linguistic Summaries.

High quality translations are crucial to any legal case or transaction. Legal translations involve unique difficulties such as multiple language requirements, jurisdictional and privacy restrictions, unusually tight turnaround times and incredible volumes. The complexity of these materials demands a partner with language expertise as well as legal experience.

At LingArch Legal Solutions, we offer multiple solutions for the legal industry. We are a trusted provider to lawyers at more than 200 organizations, from Global 100 law firms and prominent financial institutions to leading pharmaceutical, technology, and manufacturing companies.  With our extensive experience, our clients receive comprehensive solutions for variety of legal matters such as:

  • Litigation and investigations
  • Arbitrations
  • M&A and antitrust matters
  • Capital Markets

When communicating across multiple languages, you need interpretations you can rely upon to convey your message in the right way. Our interpretation solutions provide both scale and agility to support your requirements across languages, content volumes, formats, timescale, and budgets. From time to time, we provide expert legal, financial, and technical interpreters around the world to assist law firms and corporate legal departments with depositions, meetings, negotiations, hearings, and conference calls. We provide over-the-phone, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services, while remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to advancements in interpretation technology.

Whether you need assistance in New York, London, Hong Kong, or anywhere in between, we have the resources and legal translation experience to deliver the right on-site solution. We handle review engagements of any size, scope, and subject—including large volume and multi-language reviews—anywhere in the world.

Our dedicated document review team provides timely and efficient document review services in the most complex of cases and in a wide range of languages. Our team includes qualified lawyers and experienced investigators and has extensive experience of working with the UK and international law firms. We work alongside specialist Disputes and Forensic Technology teams to provide litigation support, from data capture through to document review and production.

LingArch is the preferred transcription vendor for leading corporations and law firms worldwide. Our corporate transcriptionists are well versed in a variety of business terminology and have a trained ear to dissect multiple voices, dialects, and accents. Our team provides transcription and translation services for wiretaps, telephone transcripts, and audio/visual media.

LingArch’s Legal practice group has a vast network of reprographics support facilities in major markets around the world. Our highly skilled secure reprographics team have specialized experience and knowledge of the print industry, with particular focus on the Legal market. Our production capabilities include:

  • Copying and collating
  • Document Scanning
  • Printing
  • Binder Preparation


Financial services is a global industry, operating 24/7 around the world, and anyone in it has to be able to communicate with international markets. LingArch has been delivering language solutions for the financial services sector, meeting global interpretation and translation needs with expert business knowledge.

Whether your materials are for marketing purposes, internal use, client distribution, or regulatory filings, our specialized solutions enable you to produce materials of the highest quality while maintaining the most stringent standards for data security.

We assist Financial Institutions with the following:

  • Website Localization
  • Audit Reports
  • Annuals Reports
  • E-Learning & Training Material
  • Marketing collateral
  • M&A Translations
  • Mutual Funds
  • IPO’s

LingArch has extensive experience and knowledge to get your translations done right and on-time. Financial institutions, insurance companies and asset managers rely on LingArch to provide accurate translations on 24/7 basis. We work within precise regulatory and legal parameters for communication, documentation and security. Our experts understand the financial terminology that our clients prefer, and are comfortable translating complex financial information. Examples of the content we translate for our clients include:

• Prospectuses • Corporate Brochures
• Fund Fact Sheets • Corporate Communications
• Annual Reports • Request for Proposals
• IPO • Claims

Website translation which is also known as Website localization is essential for companies looking to expand globally. With LingArch, we take care of creating, launching, and optimizing websites in multiple languages in both simple and cost-effective manner. We offer a professional and comprehensive website localization service for businesses wanting to expand their reach and communicate to global consumers. Our translation and content services for websites and ecommerce operations provide a streamlined process that can integrate with your CMS or translate online using specialized technology. This makes translation a seamless part of your everyday website updates.

Today, global organizations are aiming to adapt and target brands into new markets to increase their market share. LingArch’s multicultural marketing teams are specialized to help clients meet their desired goals. We have strong relationships with marketing specialists throughout the world, and have considerable in-house expertise and knowledge to manage and advise our clients.  Some of our services include:

  • Trans-creation / Copy Adaptation
  • Cultural Consulting
  • Social Media localization

Leading organizations translate their e-learning and training material for multilingual workforce. We don’t just translate the words – we aim to bring intended message to life in each and every language we work on. It is critical to train the workforce in order to be successful and achieve organizational goals. LingArch is your ideal partner in translating E-learning content in over 100+ languages, within budget and without any hurdle.

Content we handle includes:

  • Sales training tutorials
  • Hospitality training
  • Health and safety tutorials
  • Global HR & learning courses

Presentation is of key importance when distributing collaterals to your global audience. We provide a desktop publishing service to ensure your documents look and ‘feel’ right, in whatever target language and format. Whether you are translating presentation slides, annual reports, user manuals or marketing collateral, our desktop publishing service (DTP) guarantees that your translated content looks professional.  Our design & typesetting service always includes:

  • A full typesetting service following your instructions and meeting your requirements
  • Quality checks
  • One round of customer amends


Government agencies and contractors trust LingArch due to our extensive resources in the field of localization.  Our trusted resources allow us to handle high volume and complex requirements faster than most competitors, while also maintaining the highest standards of quality & accuracy.

  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Website Localization
  • Legal Support Services
  • Interpretation Services

Advertising & Marketing Campaign Management


Taking your message to an international audience used to require you to choose between globally consistent or locally optimized campaigns.

We’ll help produce, deliver and optimize your digital campaigns and content across channels and over borders. And we’ll do it with better efficiency, greater effectiveness and lower cost.

With our global marketing campaign management solution, we’ll translate and localize your content, setting up strong global campaigns and connecting you to your top markets.

Our Global Campaign Operations solution will keep your campaign vision in sight while in-market experts appropriately adapt multi-channel content for each culture you’re targeting.

  • Transcreation:Local translators maintain consistent messaging and ensure cultural relevance, tone and style within each market
  • Deadline-oriented:Campaign is Six Sigma-managed to meet strict deadlines while building ROI
  • Analytics:We’ll finish with a thorough review and analysis, allowing you to view your entire global campaign metrics.

Trans-creation or Copy Adaptation is the process of adapting material for a given target audience instead of merely translating in a literal manner. When rolling out into global markets, you need to ensure that your brand message is consistent across every country. Beyond simple translation, transcreators adapt the message for the target audience, working with you to find the right nuance, words, and brand voice. Our transcreation team consists of creative copywriters and experienced marketers, who will work closely with you to understand the mood, message and audience.

LingArch provides full range of multimedia solutions with extensive pool of professional voice talent in over 100+ languages. Whether you are in Dubai or Dublin, we are available to record in locations around the world. Our foreign language voiceover services include high quality sound production for live broadcast, pre-recorded radio, film, documentaries, presentations and training materials. We tailor our flexible solution to your specific content, quality and budget requirements. We provide assistance with script translation to ensure that the voiceover aligns with any video frames and timed broadcast. We can also provide your project with multilingual subtitling, matching the audio and video perfectly.

LingArch’s global media services help you extend your multimedia and videos across languages and cultures to maximize your budget. We can help you reach more people and win new customers – wherever they are in the world.  Our subtitling experts have vast experience in ensuring that your message is communicated with clarity. Whether you desire English subtitles for Danish police dramas, Arabic subtitles for the latest Hollywood movies, or Japanese subtitles for your corporation’s quarterly results video, LingArch is the multi-lingual subtitling company for you. No language is too big a challenge for our subtitling teams – we excel in a wide range of alphabets and styles.


Any medical experience can be daunting for patients especially if you don’t speak the same language as the team treating you. The ability to provide fast, accurate, sensitive and cost-effective language solutions that don’t compromise on care is therefore crucial for the healthcare sector. At LingArch, we deliver high-quality translations and dedicated medical interpreters to healthcare professionals across the globe every day.

Turn to us for flawless, technically accurate translations that strictly adhere to regulatory compliance requirements and clinical protocols. And tap into our proven globalization strategies to help ensure the continued success of your worldwide marketing and sales operations.

LingArch’s creative services group works directly with your marketing teams and agencies to help produce a holistic strategy to support the marketing and commercialization of your products. Our agency-style approach means that your multilingual campaigns and materials are as well-crafted and impactful as the source language creative and copy that you work so hard to create.


Your company’s most valuable asset is its brand, and if you’re having success in managing that brand, then that likely means you’ve spent significant time and resources on getting things “just right.” Targeting international markets introduces a significant new set of variables into your global brand management equation—established brands in one market may have little or no brand recognition in another country. Or worse, they may have a negative perception that must be overcome. LingArch supports all aspects of your brand development and management efforts—whether you’re looking to launch in a new market or simply grow your presence in an established locale, LingArch’s global brand management solutions ensure that your most valuable asset is always protected.


  • Website Localization
  • Software Localization
  • Interpretation Services
  • Document Translations
  • E-Learning Localization

Life Sciences

In today’s highly regulated and increasingly global regulatory compliance environment, pharmaceutical companies face an ever-present challenge: Clinical document translation. Translation that requires absolute precision, with rigid adherence to deadlines, costs, cultural sensitivity – and quality you can trust. LingArch Life Sciences provides industry-leading expertise, enabling you to manage regulatory risk, ensure patient safety and gain global market share in one seamless and assured experience. From packaging inserts and labelling in pharma, to patient care, we can manage large volumes of documents and reports for pharmaceutical clients and provide the most sensitive service to patient care translation and interpreting.

LingArch Life Sciences provides a full spectrum of expert in-country marketing translation services that are culturally correct, in-step with the current country-specific medical terminology, and compliant with all local and regional regulations. Our services include:

  • Printed ad copy
  • Web and radio spots
  • Corporate web content
  • Video localization and production (including localization of visuals, voice over, and dubbing)
  • Brochures
  • Patient recruitment

We provide corporate communication solutions and high-quality translation services for Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), Medical Publishing, and Healthcare companies. LingArch Life Sciences maintains a dedicated pool of resources to meet these needs across the full spectrum of business communications, including:

  • Employee training
  • Internal communication
  • Human resources
  • Legal
  • M&A
  • Investor relations
  • Press releases

LingArch has a global network of interpreters in over 100 languages, each of whom is linguistically qualified and assigned based on subject-area expertise. Our services include:

  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Over the phone Interpretation

As pharmaceutical and medical device companies expand distribution of medicines and products around the globe, compliance to timelines is critical to avoiding delays or losing a spot in the release cycle. At LingArch Life Sciences, we can help you provide on-time quality submissions to local regulatory bodies—every time. Our dedicated project management and language supply chain teams focus on two things for both pharma and medical device clients: Readiness and delivery.

Travel & Hospitality

The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest industries with a global economic contribution of over $7.6 trillion in 2016. The travel industry requires fast, high quality translation solutions to effectively reach new customers around the globe. To stand out of the competition, global travel and hospitality brands aim to communicate with the customers in their preferred language. Whether you’re an airline, hotel, car rental agency, cruise line, destination, or online travel agency, we can help you connect with these users in your target markets across the globe. If you are looking to effectively reach customers in new markets and deliver a customer experience that inspires long-term loyalty, LingArch is your ultimate answer.



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